I was born and brought up in a culture where Henna is a part of almost every day living and used for medicinal purposes. 

Carrying such a beauty and unique form of art, I moved to Airdrie 5 years ago and noticed that this artistic city celebrating art in a way I never saw before but one form of art is missing and that's how the thought came across and I have a pleasure to be the first one introduced Henna art in Airdrie.

I got appreciated, encouraged and awarded for this action and residents of Airdrie showered unbelievable amounts of love. 

They visited my studio to meet me and to thank me for bringing this beauty to their door step. From then until now, Henna is a part of Airdrie in all occasions from birthday parties to school clubs and libraries. From Christmas events to Mother's Day celebrations, Henna is everywhere because the Henna plant does not belong to one country or culture. It carries the healing properties which everyone should and must enjoy. 

Then once again, taking another step in this art field, I am the first one starting a new trend by making the Henna Chair - never created before! Henna candles, canvases, and plaques are all a part of my form of Henna art. 

My clients are not clients for me but a part of my life. We share joy and life experiences with a sip of tean during Henna applications. I love decorating women - I love to see the smile on their face while I am applying Henna because the BEAUTY OF HENNA CANNOT PRAISE ENOUGH!