I have been painting for 14 years and am basically self taught through books, experimentation and practice but have advanced my knowledge and skills by taking classes and work shops in various mediums  

I continue to take classes not only to stretch my comfort zone but to bring new techniques and innovative approaches to my painting. 

My drawing and painting has mostly been rooted in realism but I sometimes enjoy the combining of realism and fantasy in the same painting.

I try to make my paintings fresh and imaginative, to tell a story, to say something about the subject that will make people ponder about the message the drawing or painting is telling.

Portraiture and still life are my main subjects. I find the human face no matter the age beautiful and fascinating, with its endless variety of features, underlying colour tones, as well as for the expressions and emotional depth found in the eye and facial lines.

I find it both a challenge and adventure to transform a face or an ordinary object from life into a work of art  that is unique and out of the ordinary by the use of composition, shadow, light and colour and to present it from an unusual view point.

I work from life as well as photographs. I prefer to capture the essence of a face from life but often need a photo reference for children or a still life arrangements because of light and shadow changes as well as organic objects wilting etc. 

Watercolour has been my main medium until recently. I now enjoy painting with acrylics, inks and coloured pencil, at times using all mediums in the same painting.