Hello, my name is Patricia, 

I am an artist and I play (paint) with knives.

This is how I have introduced myself at Art Shows and Sales for the past three years. It is a great conversation starter. If they express interest, I then invite people to my website or Facebook page.

 If you want to make people laugh, tell them you are an artist. 

Then I show them my artwork. 

My mother says I ran away and joined and art colony.

Its sounds so much better than she retired or joined the circus. 

My art is in Acrylic on Canvas, I also create Little Art, Useable Art from recycled boxes, chests, Tables, and benches.  

Inspiration for some of my Artwork has come from the Group of Seven Canadian Artist who explored and painted the new country of Canada. The detailed paintings of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Ontario, and Northern Canada are apparent in my artwork. Pieces outlined on small boards over the summer and used to create stunning larger than life paintings in the winter. During the summer, I use a camera to capture the landscapes wherever I go and keep small canvases in with my easel to create little art. I admire the work of Emily Carr and her stark painting of the British Columbia Coast; her eccentricity is an inspiration for many to become Canadian Artists. 

My art is also influenced by the midnight sun and the northern lights.