Born in Alberta, Heather has lived in Airdrie since 1979. Having been privileged to work with children for most of her career, it allowed her to explore art techniques with the students.

"I had an intense desire to return to the art I had studied in the early 70's. In 2006 I retired from Rocky View School District and enrolled in the Airdrie School of Art. Although I am mostly self taught, being with a group of creative people inspired me greatly."

Initially Heather's interest was in watercolour painting, but she has included acrylics, pastels, glass work, and sculpture to her repertoire. 

"Painting has changed the way I look at the world around me. The Alberta landscape, world architecture, human expression through posture, and my grandchildren are my inspirations. The ability to capture the moment, and then paint my interpretation of it, is a feeling of empowerment." 

Heather has participated in community events such as Empty Bowls, Airdrie's Main Street Art Project, Art in Motion, the Wetlands and Watershed project, Artember, and the Alberta Flood of Roses Project - with all proceeds going to the Red Cross for Alberta flood relief. Her art was chosen to hang as a banner on the Airdrie Arts Alley.

Heather worked in the art classes at the School of Hope, Catholic School Board, and most recently, as an Artists in Residence for the Calgary School Board.