The gift of a camera from her grandfather sparked Cheryl’s interest in photography at a very early age.

A true Albertan, Cheryl spent much of her childhood in the natural
surrounding areas. Nature photography became the creative outlet that first launched her Fine Art Photography career.
Cheryl really found her niche when she focused her talents on
Image Restoration. She creates wonderfully personal pieces from your own photographs to pass down to future generations.

Incorporating canvas, aluminum, acrylic, and fine art papers makes her beautiful work truly unique. Working together, Cheryl and artist, Diane M Anderson created the unique process of ” Syntesi Fine Imagery.” The coming together of photography and paint, adding yet another dimension to Cheryl’s work.

Cheryl Beck Studios now offers services and products to visual artists including image capture and print making, marketing product design and their very own, Easy-Way Art Display, Lighting and Hanging Systems.

Her Grandfather really started something!