Airdrie Regional ARTS Society Artists

Interested in one of our members? Find contact information for artists of the Airdrie Regional ARTS Society. Artists are categorized by their first name as well as by their category of art. You can also search for a particular artist by using the search bar below.

Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth interested in Art was apparent at a very young age and as an adult, it grew into a love of imaginative detail, and illustration using primarily acrylics and watercolors ranging from dark and detailed to lose and colorful

Hall's influences and style are constantly changing in reflection to life's experiences and the people she meets but are forever rooted from the culture of her childhood.

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Cheryl Beck

The gift of a camera from her grandfather sparked Cheryl’s interest in photography at a very early age.

A true Albertan, Cheryl spent much of her childhood in the natural
surrounding areas. Nature photography became the creative outlet that first launched her Fine Art Photography career.

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Melissa Bruglemans-LaBelle

Melissa is a celebrated artist in Calgary and Airdrie. She received her  first BFA for Studio Art in 2002 and her second BFA for Jewelry/Metals  in 2006. Her major works focuses on oil painting, drawing and mixed  media which have been on display both nationally and internationally.

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Valerie Holmes

Through many years of my life I have used painting as a therapeutic  release; it is a freeing, soothing feeling that rushes over me when I  have a paint brush in hand, from the first to the last stroke on my  canvas. Using different mediums I am able to express a loud, yet soft emotion.

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Stephanie de Souza

Stephanie de Souza was born in Labrador City, Newfoundland in 1978. She discovered an interest in art after moving to Alberta in 1990.

Stephanie believes in the use of bold, bright colours to draw you into a world of inspiration.

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Mary Frost

Mary was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Mary left Winnipeg and  her journey lead her to N.W.T. where she learned the Native and dying  Art of Moose Hair tufting. After numerous moves between provinces, she  landed in Airdrie, AB.

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Darryl B

I am a self taught photographer who specializes in landscapes. I  personally source, tear down and build the barn wood frames for my  photographs. I have recently considered branching out into portraits.  

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Samreen Junaid

I was born and brought up in a culture where Henna is a part of almost every day living and used for medicinal purposes. 

Carrying such a beauty and unique form of art, I moved to Airdrie 5 years ago and noticed that this artistic city celebrating art in a way I never saw before but one form of art is missing and that's how I have a pleasure to be the first one introduced Henna art in Airdrie.

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John Smythe

John (Jack) is a self developed artist who had an early interest in  making and building things with his hands.  In the mid 1980’s he began a  serious interest in wood turning which awakens his active imagination.

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Pearl Taylor

I have been painting for 14 years and am basically self taught through  books, experimentation and practice but have advanced my knowledge and  skills by taking classes and work shops in various mediums  

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Sharon Shuttleworth

Sharon Shuttleworth has been painting for seven years.  Her preferred medium is acrylic with a focus on realism.

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Darlene Moore

My Father was a self taught artist and was totally color blind. He  showed me anything was possible. Abstract painting is the release of my  creative mind. It is the freedom to discover who I am and my therapy at  the end of the day.

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Verone Solilo

Verone is a passionate and enthusiastic artist from Airdrie, Alberta.  She gathers her inspiration from the remarkable beauty in nature but  also her amazingly beautiful and supportive family. She is a wife, a  mother and a grandmother.

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Frances Iverson

Award winning artist Frances Iverson was born in Saskatchewan.  Frances raised her family in Calgary, Alberta
 and now calls Airdrie, Alberta home.

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Patricia M. Howell Pile

Hello, my name is Patricia, 

I am an artist and I play (paint) with knives.

This is how I have introduced myself at Art Shows and Sales for the past three years. It is a great conversation starter

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Marni Koelln

Marni is a versatile artist who excels in a variety of mediums, winning  awards for her pastels, oils and coloured pencils. With limited  exposure, her work has been recognized with a Special Excellence award  at the Harness Tracks of America Juried Show in Lexington, Ky., An  Honorable mention at BC’s Valley Fine Arts Show.

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Heather A Plimmer

Born in Alberta, Heather has lived in Airdrie since 1979. Having been  privileged to work with children for most of her career, it allowed her  to explore art techniques with the students.

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Alice Lord

I have always been interested in looking at the world from behind a camera. My dad's Brownie camera is where it all began, a passion that has grown over the years!

I am an Albertan, living in northern Alberta until 1993, when we relocated to Airdrie. 

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Dulcie Sinclair

Dulcie Sinclair, born in Montreal, Quebec with a God-given talent  applied mainly to the Animal Kingdom in acrylic, charcoal, colored  pencil, oil, pastels and Pen & Ink.

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