Meet The Board

Below are the current 2017, Airdrie Regional ARTS Society Board Members

Public General Inquiries

Mission Statement

The members and board of the Airdrie Regional ARTS Society believe that art is important to the life of a community and nourishes human and community development. Our purpose is thus:

  • To promote communication, cooperation, and support of the arts in the Airdrie area
  • To serve as a liaison between the arts and businesses, government, and educational institutes.
  • To provide educational services for and about the arts.

The Airdrie Regional ARTS Society carries out this mission through classes, showcases, lectures, and shows, for adults and children.

A Short History

The Airdrie Regional ARTS Society was established in 2007 with the objectives to:

  • encourage arts and cultural activities in Airdrie and the surrounding area;
  • to be the hub of the arts community;
  • and to cooperate with persons, groups, and organizations in the promotion and awareness of Visual arts.

The ARTS Society is the governing body created to support and provide mentorship and the development of a stronger and flourishing arts community.

The Founders

The vision and creation of the ARTS society was spearheaded by these founding board members:

  • Ingrid Vincent
  • Brenda Campbell-Burrows
  • Jane Romanishko